VNIIM is a member of 7 of 10 Consultative Committees of the International Committee of Weights and Measures (CIPM) - executive body of the Metre Convention

  • for electricity and magnetism (CCEM)
  • for thermometry (CCT)
  • for length (CCL)
  • for ionizing radiations (CCRI)
  • for mass and related quantities (CCM)
  • for quantity of material (CCQM)
  • for acoustics, ultrasound and vibrations (CCAUV)

and participates in the work of the

  • Consultative Committee for Units (CCU)

VNIIM is responsible for 8 subcommittees of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML)

  • TC7/SC1 - Length measuring instruments
  • TC9/SC1 - Density measurements
  • TC11/SC1 - Resistance thermometers
  • TC11/SC3 - Radiation thermometers
  • TC17/SC2 - Saccharimetry
  • TC17/SC4 - Conductometry
  • TC17/SC5 - Viscometry
  • TC17/SC6 - Gas analysis

and one Committee

  • TC17 - Instruments for physico-chemical measurements

VNIIM participates in the work of 4 Technical Committees of the International Standards Organization (ISO)

  • TC12 (Units)
  • TC158 (Gas analysis)
  • TC190 (Quality of soils)
  • TC193 (Natural gas)

VNIIM participates in the work of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO)

Specialists of are heads of three of 17 Technical Committees of the Regional Metrology Organization COOMET (Euro-Asian Cooperation of Metrology Institutes)

  • TC 1.1 "General questions concerning measurements (General metrology)"
  • TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry"
  • TC 1.10 "Thermometry and thermal physics"

and participates in the work carried out by two other Regional Metrology Organizations

  • EUROMET (European Collaboration in Measurement Standards)
  • APMP (Asia Pacific Metrology Program)

VNIIM takes part in the bilateral cooperation programs with the following National Metrology Institutes