Doctoral & Candidate's Dissertation Council

The Dissertation Council for defending Candidate and Doctorate theses was established at VNIIM by Order of the Supreme Attestation Commission of the Russian Ministry of Education № 158-в of November 10, 2000. Some modifications to this Order were made by the Orders of the Federal Service for Control in Education and Science in 2007 and 2008.

The Council can accept theses in the following specialized areas:

  • 05.11.01 - "Measuring Instruments and Procedures according to Types of Measurements "
  • 05.11.15 - "Metrology and Metrological Assurances" engineering sciences (technics)

The Council confers the academic degrees in Engineering Sciences.

The Chair of the Council is Prof. Dr. Valery A. SLAEV
The Deputy Chair is Prof. Dr. Gennady N. SOLOPCHENKO
The Academic Secretary is Associate Professor Dr. Gennady P. TELITCHENKO