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The International Scientific-Technical Conference "Energy saving in heat supply systems. Improving Energy Efficiency"

  • Federal Rostest-Moscow
  • Federal TEST St Petersburg
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "VNIIM named after D.I. Mendeleyev"
  • ONTI "Polytechnic Service LLC "
  • the ELN TC "Standards and Metrology"
  • State Unitary Enterprise "TEK SPb"
  • Journal of Communal Complex of Russia
are organizing the International Scientific-Technical Conference "Energy saving in heat supply systems. Improving Energy Efficiency".

The Conference will be held from 25 to 27 May 2010 in St. Petersburg.

Co-Chairs of the Organizing Committee:

Valery Medvedev, Ph.D., Head of FGU "Rostest-Moscow"
Nikolai Sokolov, Ph.D., Head of Laboratory for Measurements of Thermal FGUP VNIIM named after D. I. Mendeleyev, St.Petersburg

Organizing Committee:

V.A. Medvedev (Rostest-Moscow)
N.A. Sokolov (VNIIM)
E.N. Prosyannikova (Politehnica Service)
J.N. Osipov (TEK SPb)
O.N. Ustyantsev (Test-Petersburg)
A.Y. Shelginsky (MEI TU)
L.P. Khramova (Standards and Metrology)
V.A. Kupriyanov (Communal Complex of Russia)

The conference will address the following topics:

  1. Guidelines for implementing the Federal Law "On Energy Saving", N 261-FZ
  2. Thermal energy accounting. Meters. Challenges and solutions
    • Objects of heat measurements
    • Tracking of heat consumption in an apartment and its distribution over the house
    • House centers for heat consumption accounting
    • Automatic systems for commercial accounting of energy consumption (ASCAEC)
    • Type approval tests and verification of heat measuring instruments
    • Design, installation, commissioning, maintenance of measurement systems of thermal energy
  3. Heat properties of envelope buildings. Measurements, calculations, materials
    • Problems of measurement traceability
    • New reference measures of thermal conductivity
    • GOST 8.140-2009. National hierarchy schemes for instruments measuring thermal conductivity of solids in the range from 0.02 to 20 W / (m.K) at temperatures from 90 to 1100 K
    • International comparisons
    • Ensurance of traceability in measurements of thermal protective properties of house envelopes in laboratory and field conditions
    • Energy Audit
  4. Innovative energy-saving technologies
  5. Analysis of the development and implementation of regional energy programs

Representatives of government departments and services responsible for energy consumption efficiency, as well as leading experts from research institutes, centers of standardization and metrology, and representatives of enterprises and organizations developing and manufacturing measurement instruments will deliver lectures at the Conference. The lectures will be published.

For the participants of the Conference a cultural program and visits the exhibitions: "POWER EFFICIENCY. ENERGY-SAVING. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND EQUIPMENT - 2010" (PeterburgskiySKK) will be arranged.

Conference Manager: Eugene Prosyannikova
tel. / fax. + 7 (812) 314 53 38, +7 (812) 312 44 76 ; +7 (921) 389 55 29

St. Petersburg, Chernyshevskogo Sq., 11. The conference center hotel "Russia" (Metro Station "Park Pobedy").

To participate in the conference:

  1. Submit before 20.05.2010 a request by fax +7 (812) 3145338 or e-mail:
    Subject: Application for participation in the Conference.

  2. Pay before 20.05.2010 the participation fee to the account of OOO "Politehnica-service", in the amount according to the price list, including 18% VAT:
    17500 rub. - For each participant in the conference
    22500 rub. - The the participation of one representative from a company with a display booth
    15 000 rub. - For the publication on the 2nd or 3rd page of the cover of the Transactions of the advertising material in color (size A5).

See Sample Application Form

published: 16.04.2010