The D.I. Mendeleev All-Russian Institute for Metrology (VNIIM) news

Reference measurement procedures approved at VNIIM

As a part of implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements in the Russian Federation until 2025, a group of experts from scientific organizations of Rosstandart (VNIIM, VNIIFTRI, VNIIOFI, VNIIMS) worked out recommendations on development, certification, and application of standard and primary reference measuring procedures. The latter were approved by VNIM and registered as a normative and methodical document of the State System Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements, MI 3627-2020.

This document will favor the introduction into metrological practice of a new instrument to ensuring the uniformity of measurements, intended for assessing the accuracy of measurement results obtained by other measuring procedures (methods) and to determine characteristics of reference materials.

The priority areas for the applications of reference procedures are measurements performed in clinical diagnostical tests, conformity assessment of food and animal feed in accordance with safety requirements, and for environmental protection.

As explained by the Head of VNIIM, Mr A. Pronin, the new document summarizes all the experience accumulated over the last three years in the development of standard and primary reference measurement procedures, and takes into account the provisions of international documents related to metrological traceability of measurement results.

published: 10.09.2020