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VNIIM expands the range of magnetic field measurements

VNIIM expands the range of magnetic field measurements

Measuring tasks related to determination of magnetic field parameters will be solved at a new level of accuracy. VNIIM has recently improved its State primary measurement standard for the units of magnetic induction, magnetic flux, magnetic moment and magnetic induction gradient (GET 12). The uniqueness of the measuring complex consists in its multifunctionality and a wide measurement range.

The main innovation is the expansion of the measurement range of hypogeomagnetic fields (fields less than 1000 nT). As explained by the Head of VNIIM, Anton Pronin, previously this area was in demand for space projects and navigation, but in recent years it has become necessary for medical research.

Also included in the complex is a new reference induction comparator designed at VNIIM for instruments measuring magnetic parameters of magnetically soft materials, which will expand the functionality of the standard in terms of precision measurements of parameters of magnetically soft materials. According to the scientist-keeper of the standard, Denis Belyakov, in the future it will allow updating the existing methods to measure the parameters of soft magnetic materials, unchanged since 1980. The performed work will expand the measurement capabilities of Russia in submitted to the database (KCDB) maintained by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM). The next stage in improving the standard will be the extension of the upper range from 1 mT to 1 T.

published: 09.02.2021