AMCTM 2014. First announcement

AMCTM 2014 Conference format

In addition to plenary talks, AMCTM 2014 will be organised in two parallel sessions, to increase the opportunities of Oral Presentations. Posters Presentations are planned to be displayed from the first day. A Round Table discussion will complete the programme.

Two Short Courses will be held on the day before the Conference (September 9)

General themes for the AMCTM Conferences

  • Advanced statistical modelling: uncertainty evaluation, experimental design, optimisation, data analysis and applications, risk assessment, …;
  • Metrology software: engineering aspects, requirements specification; software development, software examination, software tools for data analysis, visualisation, experiment control; best practice; …;
  • Numerical methods: numerical data analysis, numerical simulations, inverse problems, uncertainty evaluation of numerical algorithms, applications to metrology and testing…;
  • Data fusion techniques and design and analysis of inter-laboratory comparisons, namely those required by the Mutual Recognition Agreement.

Specific themes of the AMCTM 2014 Edition

This 10th Anniversary, 2014 Edition, of the AMCTM Conference is planned to deliver a comprehensive range of topics in thematic sessions (examples of the contents are provided in parentheses), some in collaboration with the indicated Institutions and Projects (see current TC21 SIGs themes).

  • Fundamentals in metrology and testing (basic and new methods)
  • Probabilistic methods for data uncertainty evaluation (frequentist, Bayesian, etc)
  • Non-quantitative (qualitative & semi-quantitative), ordinal and nominal measurements and human factors
  • Non-probabilistic methods for data evaluation (possibility, interval, non parametric, etc)
  • Measurement models and data evaluation for non-physical applications
  • Decision making, risk analysis and economic aspects - ENBIS
  • Analysis of key comparison data (evaluation of inconsistent data, random effect model, fixed effect model, Bayesian model averaging, COOMET guidelines, etc) - VNIIM Seminar
  • Analytical measurements - VNIIM Seminar
  • Application of statistical methods in reliability and quality control - VNIIM Seminar
  • Sessions on "Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluation" - EMRP NEW04
  • Uncertainty associated with numerical computation - EMRP NEW06
  • Generation of numerical standards for metrology software - EMRP NEW06
  • Continuous modelling and inverse problems - EURAMET Focus Group
  • Mathematical methods and computational tools in dynamic measurements
  • Calibration methods (issues in measuring specific quantities, ISO standards, etc)
  • Quality management, measurement uncertainty, and models in Testing
  • Industrial statistics and metrological traceability (equivalence, traceability, experimental design, process analytical technologies, etc)

A number of invited Tutorials are planned for the Plenary Talks.


Immediately preceding this Edition:

September 9, 2014
AMCTM Short Courses

The Short Courses are intended for researchers in NMIs, calibration and testing laboratories and other researchers who analyse measurement data and use metrological software. Young researchers are welcome.

  1. GUM - Foundations of the GUM and practical applications
  2. Metrological software validation - Methodologies and examples of validation

Call for papers to AMCTM 2014

Authors are invited to submit presentations intended for any of the proposed sessions, including those in collaboration.

INSTRUCTIONS (read carefully)

Authors intending to contribute to AMCTM 2014 are invited to submit an extended abstract (max 4 A4 pages) to the Conference Scientific Secretary in the MS Word or LaTeX style that can be found for the 9.00” x 6.00” book format under here, for review by the International Programme Committee.
Authors can indicate their preference for oral or poster and for the preferred Session(s), but the final decision is taken by the IPC.

Submission of abstract for oral/poster presentations: deadline 28 February 2014.

Acceptance of the abstracts is foreseen by 2 May 2014.

For all submissions, an e-mail to A.G.Chunovkina is mandatory, indicate in the subject: "AMCTM2014 abstract", and in the text the title of the suggested Session (taken form the above list) or TC21 SIG.

Working language of the conference is English.

Reception of the abstracts will be confirmed by e-mail to the indicated author.
Authors of accepted papers will be asked to submit full papers related to their oral or poster presentation not later than the end of the Conference.

Following peer review, invited and selected submitted papers will be published by early 2015 in the multiauthor book "Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing X". For the first time this will be an e-Book only: the main advantage is that a larger number of pages will be allowed to each paper. Instructions for the preparation of full papers for the book will follow with acceptance of the presentation.

Nine volumes on "Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology" were already published by World Scientific based on the presentations. Volumes content tables can be found here. All volumes from AMCTM IV (2000) on are now available also as eBooks.


The AMCTM 2014 Conference venue will be the VNIIM or at a nearby Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia. For more information before the final announcement (May 2014) visit the our website.

Registration cost

AMCTM Conference - The expected approximate Conference registration fee to AMCTM 2014 for the three-day event is € 400 (€350 for early-bird registration, recommended. Discount for IMEKO TC21 Members and Friends). Payment information will be supplied with Second Announcement.
It covers coffee breaks, lunches, conference dinner and after-dinner city tour, and one free download of the e-book AMCTM X when published.
The abstract and programme booklet will be made available online in advance.

Short Courses - Registration fee (September 9, includes materials): 1 course €100, both courses € 150. See later on our site.


A list of hotels close to the venue in St. Petersburg and at different cost levels will be supplied together with public transportation information. Each participant has to arrange his/her own hotel accommodations in St. Petersburg.


Information and guidelines consult later on our site or site IMEKO or contact the Conference Secretariat A.G.Chunovkina

AMCTM 2014 Organisation:

Scientific Secretary A.G.Chunovkina, VNIIM

Conference Secretariat address: D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM), Moskovsky pr.19, 190005, St. Petersburg, Russia