Laboratory dimensional measurements-equipment

Laboratory for Dimensional Measurements

MicroscopeE MKTF-1 with Optical Television System OTS-1200
(part of the State Measurement Standard of concentration of particles in aerodisperse media)

  • Particle dimension measurement range: 0,5-1000 mkm;
  • Microscope magnifying power: from 70 to 1200x;
  • Standard uncertainty: type A - 1,0 %, type B - 0,47-0,047 %

Set of Standard Instruments for Measurement of Thread Parameters:

  • metrical threads, diameters from 0.25 to 500 mm
  • tool-joint threads, diameters from 50 to 200 mm
  • pipe straight threads, diameters from 1/8’’ to 10’’
  • pipe tapered threads, diameters from 1/8’’ to 16’’
  • tapered threads, diameter from 2’’ to 10’’
  • trapezoidal threads, diameters from 10 to 300 mm
  1. LIU 200

    Laser interference setup equipped with a laser interferometer and photoelectrical perflectometer for noncontact pointing at the measurement surface of the gage.

    The extended uncertainty in measurements of outer or inner diameter does exceed (0.05-0.5.10-3 L).10-3 mm, where L is length in meters.

    The resolution of the interferometer and refractometer is 0.04 mkm.

    The room where LIU-200 is placed is equipped with an air heating system (automatic temperature correction within 20±1 ºC).

    The air refractive index is measured by the laser refractometer having an uncertainty not exceeding 5.10-8.

    The standard uncertainty does not exceed 0,02 mkm.


  2. 3-D measuring machine

    Measurement range: X - 1000 mm, Y - 600 mm, Z - 400 mm.

    Extended uncertainty: (1+5L) mkm, where L is length in meters.


  3. Standard gages of tool-joint threads for drill pipes


    Identification of domestically produced tool-joint thread GOST 28487, GOST 8867 Identification according to Specification 7 API
    З-73 NC-23
    З-76 27/8 Reg
    З-86 NC-31
    З-102 NC-38
    З-117 41/2 Reg