Laboratory for Dimensional Measurements

Laboratory for Dimensional Measurements

Subjects of research and tests carried out by the Laboratory

  • standard instruments measuring external and internal thread parameters
  • standard measurement instruments for transferring the size of the length unit to thread master, reference master gages; reference plain gages
  • measuring devices for external and internal dimensions of reference rings
  • measuring devices for geometrical parameters (1D, 2D, 3D)
  • measuring devices for geometrical parameters used in non-destructive tests
  • realization of tests of devices of the domestic and foreign manufacturers with the purpose of the sanction of their use in territory of Russia
  • accreditation of calibration laboratories of a number of industrial enterprises in Russia

Lines of scientific activity of the Laboratory

  • study of noncontact photoelectric methods of pointing internal dimension gages to the measuring surface
  • laser interference measurements of object-micrometers and diameters of cylindrical gages
  • study into the methods of high resolution optical microscopy for measuring dimensions of aerosol, hydrosol and powder particles. This work is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Measurement Standards in the Field of Physico-Chemical Measurements
  • experimental study and measurements in medicine and biology, in particular, in hematology
Glass spheres Blood in the Goryaev’s chamber Coal dust

Services and Products

  • Coordination of activities pursued by the Territorial Bodies of The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, Departmental Metrology
  • Technical expertise in the field of measurement assurance of instruments measuring geometrical quantities (thread parameters)
  • Metrological expertise, evaluation of the level of engineering developments, testing, calibration and verification of:
    • instruments measuring external and internal dimensions
    • instruments measuring the width of materials and covers
    • 2-D and 3-D measuring machines
    • standard rings
    • glass plates for interference measurements
    • instruments measuring thread gages and plane gages
  • Development of standard materials for measurement instruments used in nondestructive tests
  • Studies, testing and measurement of dimensions and mass concentrations of particles in aerosols and classified flowers

International work

  • TC-206 SC-1 - development of domestic standards and verification procedures in the field of measurement of geometrical quantities
  • OIML - preparation of recommendations, expertise of OIML documents regarding measurement of geometrical quantities
  • COOMET - comparisons of inner diameter gages (standard rings) and outer diameter gages (standard plugs)
  • CIPM Consultative Committee for Length - key comparisons K4 of cylindrical length gages